Since 1998, JMTek has been creating innovative and effective ways to fulfill the mobile data storage needs of every computer user. After leading the consumer market in functionality, design and capacity, JMTek has transformed its technology to suit the marketing and efficiency requirements of the corporate environment. A perpetual innovator, JMTek is now pleased to broaden its product offering with security applications, digital music players and smart peripherals. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, JMTek products are available through resellers and distributors worldwide.

Our Vision for the future includes:

  • Becoming a leader in custom logo and corporate promotional markets by offering unique computer and office electronic solutions,
  • Delivering customer satisfaction through high quality service,
  • Establishing strong relationships with our promotional channel partners,
  • Show corporate leadership by establishing first-class management practices and,
  • Respecting individuality in the workplace and developing a rewarding work environment where employees are proud of the company.

Our Mission

To continue enhancing core products and attain new technologies that best support our markets, while providing higher quality service and sustaining profitable growth together with our customers.

In fulfilling our Mission, we at JMTek will be guided by the following principles:
  • Value. Our activities must consistently aim to enhance the profitability and value of JMTek. By thinking and acting in the best interests of our business and continually optimizing our processes, we will make focused and efficient use of our resources. By working closely with each other, we will effectively exploit additional growth and value-creation opportunities.
  • Pride. We must be proud of whatever we do. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. We must be accountable to our assigned responsibilities so that we are dependable and do not put any unnecessary burden on our colleagues or the company. Together everyone achieves more. Our customers should see us all as owners in JMTek.
  • Trust. Reliance upon one another is critical to our ability to work as a team. We trust one another's skills and intent. We do not questions one another without basis; when we do, our questioning is done in a constructive manner.
  • Respect. We place a high value on our employees and want them to be the best in their respective responsibilities. To achieve this we must properly train them to carry out their responsibilites, treat them with respect, provide an environment so they can have satisfaction from their work and share in the profits and opportunities that are created from the business.
  • Accountability. We accept individual and team responsibility, and hold ourselves responsibl for all of our decisions and actions. We must be responsible as employees of JMTek to be builders of the company rather than just workers who have a place to go each day. Each of us must provide the proper attitude to our areas of responsibility. We should desire to build up JMTek rather than focusing on self.
  • Customer-Centric. Without our customers we will have no business. We must provide products and services that give our customers the best value in the market place. Their satisfaction is critical to our success and we must earn and maintain their loyalty through our consistent performance.
  • Innovation. JMTek is a dynamic organization, always ready for change. We strive to anticipate change and react accordingly to better serve our customers' needs and the needs of our company.
  • Execution. We believe that consistent daily execution - getting the job done - is critical to our success.
  • Teamwork. We believe in the power of people working together. While we recognize the importance of and encourage individual achievement, we understand that our level of success will be a direct result of our ability to work collectively.

Our customers - Microsoft, HP, McAfee, Costco, PC World, Amazon.com, Adobe, Anonymizer, AMD, Coca-Cola, M-Systems, J&R, and PCMall.

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