Elements Premium Choice Material Wireless Charger

Element wireless charger allows you to enjoy convenient and hands-free charging experience. Variety choices of materials on the base. You can select from luxury material such as crystal, metal, glass to eco-friendly bio-degradable PLA, bamboo, or nature wood material. Available in standard 15 Watts fast charging.

Input: 5V /2A; 9V /2A
Wireless Output: 5W; 7.5W; 10W; 15W
Over current, over temperature
protection and FOD function
Size: 86*113*13.5mm
Red and Blue LED indicator
Large flat surface for printing logo
Color: White or Black
Base Material: Bamboo, Marble, Metal, PLA and Cork
Certificates: CE-RED, ROHS,FCC-ID


ABS Pine, Bamboo, Cork, Crystal, Glass, Gold, Metal, Natural Wood, PLA, Rubber Tire, Stone